Oil Cleansing Set
Oil Cleansing Set
Oil Cleansing Set

Oil Cleansing Set

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Welcome to a new way of cleansing the skin. Reset your Skin’s Microbiome with Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn Oil Cleanser. Remove the Oil with the ever so soft organic cotton and bamboo cloths. This set has everything you need to start Oil Cleansing. 


1 Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn 

4 Organic Cotton & Bamboo Cloths


Seabuckthorn sends its lipids deep into the skin, diminishing imbalances from the inside out. This supercritical extract is packed with omega fatty acids 3, 6, 7, and 9, antioxidants, vitamin, palmitoleic acids, carotenoids, and phytosterols. A single drop of seabuckthorn oil contains 190 different bioactive compounds. This bright orange essence is incredibly regenerative and complexion clearing - relaxing redness and paring puffiness. Seabuckthorn is an excellent addition to cleansers for acne. It helps to harmonize skin with sun.

Organic Cotton & Bamboo Cloths

The perfect Oil Cleansing Cloth is here. Made with Bamboo and Organic Cotton. This cloth is perfect to use on the skin, with two layers of hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and silky soft bamboo fleece. Naturally cream in color and super absorbent. 

Sold in a pack of 4.