Bathing Culture Body Wash

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The perfect blend of nature and luxury with Bathing Culture Mind & Body Wash. This certified organic, all-purpose soap combines botanical oils, butters, plant glycerin, and aloe vera to cleanse your skin wherever and whenever you need it.

Key Ingredients & Benefits:

  • Aloe Vera: Soothes and hydrates the skin.
  • Shea Butter: Softens and nourishes.
  • Olive Oil: Moisturizes deeply.
  • Plant Glycerin: Maintains skin moisture.

Scent Profile:

Inspired by the serene beauty of Cathedral Grove, a valley of Redwoods in northern California, this body wash captures the essence of towering trees and ocean mist. The scent features:

  • Top Notes: Coniferous needle and redwood sorrel.
  • Middle Notes: Red bark, rhododendron, and juniper.
  • Base Notes: Peru Balsam, damp earth, and Opoponax.

Enjoy the earthy aroma of vetiver, balsam, and frankincense, complemented by woodsy notes of juniper, cedar, ylang ylang, and maritime pine.

Ethical & Sustainable:

Made in the USA using renewable energy, Bathing Culture is committed to sustainability. Each bottle is crafted from organic and sustainably wild-harvested ingredients, ensuring an ethical production process from start to finish. For every five gallons of soap produced, a native plant or tree is planted, contributing to environmental conservation.


This concentrated formula, free of added fillers, requires only a small amount for a full-body cleanse. The biodegradable, plant-based body wash is gentle on all skin types and provides a natural lather that cleanses without stripping your skin. Available in three sizes, including a gallon size designed for refilling your glass bottle, this product is perfect for maintaining a healthy, eco-friendly skincare routine.


  • Size: 16 oz / 473 ml
  • Eco-friendly: Biodegradable and plant-based
  • Made with Renewable Energy: Produced in the USA

Indulge in the ritual of Bathing Culture and let the harmonious blend of natural ingredients and forest-inspired scents elevate your daily cleansing experience.