Cap Beauty Blue Soothing Cleanser

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The initial step in the CAP Beauty skincare routine, Blue, is a gentle yet powerful cream cleanser that effectively removes dirt and impurities while maintaining hydration and barrier function. Specially designed for dry, sensitive, and reactive skin types, it avoids irritants, essential oils, and fragrances. Blue harnesses the power of potent yet gentle botanicals and adaptogens to soothe and repair the skin, promoting a clear, calm, and moisturized complexion. Marula oil offers natural protection against sun damage and helps prevent moisture loss. Reishi, a highly regarded adaptogen, strengthens and nourishes the skin's outer layer. Lactobacillus ferment supports the skin’s microbiome, and schisandra, an adaptogen traditionally used in Chinese medicine, reduces signs of aging and enhances overall brightness and vitality. Cleanse your face to protect and restore your skin with Blue.

4.05 fl oz / 120 ml.

Gluten Free. Vegan.