Kokoleka Love Bubble Cacao

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Made with love on Kauai.
Who doesn't love to be in the "Love Bubble"? The alchemy of this elixir helps take us deep into our hearts. Rose helps us find compassion and become more loving. In cultures around the world, rose is considered a symbol of love. The frequency of rose is extremely high which really helps us to raise into more harmonious states of being. Cardamom acts as a synergistic with cacao and balances out its energizing effects. Try it for yourself and In Joy!

Ceremonial Cacao, Organic Rose Powder, Organic Cardamom, Hawaiian Sea Salt & Love.

For daily use, we recommend using 11g (equal to 1 tablespoon). For ceremonial use, 22g-50g (2-4 tablespoons) can be used.