Elizabeth is the human behind Honest Rituals. She has been hand pouring beeswax candles for a while now. Honest Rituals was born to bring back the ritualistic intention behind lighting and burning candles for ceremonial use. Burning beeswax to assist you during New and Full Moon ceremonies, cacao ceremonies, meditation, intention setting and manifesting will highten your frequency and take your ritual to a deeper level.

Honest Rituals is one of Topanga’s only Holistic Skincare and Sugaring Studio. In the studio Elizabeth provides unique healing and relaxing treatments that rejuvenate the skin from the inside out. The Contouring Facial Massage is a non surgical treatment that lifts, tones, firms, and rebalances the facial posture using massage. The New Moon and Full Moon facials are very extraordinary and tap into all the elements to renew your skin and energy for the new lunar cycle. She offers Sugaring — natural and organic hair removal for the natural woman. All facials use organic skincare

Used for centuries, beeswax is one of the oldest forms of light.  Beeswax is the purest candle one can burn. Emitting negative ions when lit, beeswax will purify the air in your space and remove toxins.