Elizabeth created Honest Rituals for the NATURAL woman seeking Holistic Beauty Rituals. It’s a space for Men and Women to learn how to heal the skin by using a mixture of plants, oils, and facial massage to heal the skin. By nurturing the skin and simplifying your skincare products, you will turn your Beauty Regime into a Beauty Ritual that nourishes the skin. A Ritual can be as simple as cleansing the skin with luxurious oil, sipping tea, or laying under the Full Moon as long as its done with intention.


Honest Rituals is one of Topanga’s only Holistic Skincare and Sugaring Studio. In the studio we provide unique healing and relaxing treatments for Men and Women that rejuvenate the skin from the inside out. We specialize and are known for The Sculpting Facial Massage. This unique treatment is a non surgical treatment that lifts, tones, firms, and rebalances the facial posture by using massage. This treatment is a very extraordinary, and taps into all the elements to renew your skin and energy. Amazing for clients who experience TMJ and clench or grind their teeth. We offer a full brow bar and facial menu. All facials use organic skincare.