Cancellation | Return Policy

We understand that extenuating and unexpected circumstances occasionally arise that may impact our Client's ability to show on-time or hold their appointment.

In the event of such circumstances, please call/text our phone line at 701.203.3570
or email us at

Please note we have the following policies in place to honor the time and effort of our staff; as well as wait-listed and scheduled Clients.

Any cancellation or reschedule made less than 48 hours will be charged the full cost of the scheduled service + 20% gratuity. 

Any no-show will be charged the full cost of the scheduled service + 20% gratuity.

We expect all Clients to arrive to their appointments within 5-10 minutes
of the start of their scheduled appointment time. 

Clients who arrive 10-15-min late to their appointment will lose that time from their service.

Clients who arrive over 15-min late, with or without notice will be considered a no-show and will need to book a new appointment to receive treatment.

We are proud to sell highly vetted and natural products in our Spas and online. Due to the sensitive nature of naturally formulated products, all perishable products (i.e. skin, hair, body care + health goods) are non-returnable. 

All home good items (i.e. dry brushes, ceramics, facial tools) are 3-day exchange for store credit.