Mermaid Satchel

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Mermaid Satchel of your dreams 

Maguey plant fiber is stripped from the agave leaf with a machete, spun into cord on the thigh of the artisan, and expertly woven by hand using traditional processes that have been passed down through generations. This expandable piece is finished with an adjustable strap of hand-cut leather, and features a fine mesh weave that is done with a special smoking process. Due to the natural dye process, the hue varies from piece to piece – no two are exactly the same.

These satchels are made by six different artisan makers of these traditional handmade maguey bags, which are a wardrobe staple in certain communities in the highlands of Southern Mexico. They are typically made by an older generation of artisans as a means of supplemental income, which they make while they are passing the time tending to their livestock.


This natural piece is incredibly durable, however leather conditioner should be applied to the strap in order to avoid drying and cracking. A weather protective spray should also be applied to the strap to keep stains from happening.

Given the nature of handmade, sizes, designs and hues may vary slightly from the featured product image. The rustic leather straps are hand-tooled, and with this, there will be nicks, scratches and variances in the leather – this is normal and due to the handmade process. It is not a fine leather piece.