Seashell Botanical Lip Balm - Yuzu + Passion Fruit Earth Tu Face

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Nourish your lips with the Seashell Botanical Lip Balm. Made with pure plant compounds and organic oils, it repairs and plumps while providing a refreshing blend of yuzu and passion fruit. Hand-poured in small batches and housed in natural seashell compacts for a peaceful, natural touch.

Our healing salve begins with cold-pressed passion fruit seed oil, renowned for its potent healing properties and profound moisturizing capabilities, thanks to its rich content of antioxidants and essential fatty acids. This nourishing base also includes organic beeswax and non-GMO sunflower vitamin E, which further enrich the formula by nurturing skin cells and creating a protective barrier to retain moisture.

To enhance its efficacy, we've infused the formula with steam-distilled yuzu essential oil and bergamot essential oil. These additions not only bring anti-inflammatory benefits but also impart energizing aromatherapeutic effects, elevating your skincare experience.